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2 min readJul 15, 2021


The newest & most sophisticated offspring of the Doge clan, 1Doge is coming in with a bang 💥 . 1Doge is breaking all jinx and doing what has been impossible for its other siblings - taking the Doge clan to $1.

1Doge seeks to restore the last dollar hope to its papa, Doge , by showing its unique improved transaction speeds and super powers.

1Doge Exciting Features

1. A hyper deflationary token with a max supply of 1 billion which will become scarce over time, as there is no limit to how many tokens would be burnt on the journey to $1.

2. Static Reflection
2% of each sell transaction on the 1Doge network would be taken and redistributed back to the holders of 1Doge.

3. Continuous Liquidity Addition
2% of each transaction -buy/sell/transfer would be automatically added to the liquidity for Pancake Swap.

4. Anti-Dump Lock & 4% Sell Fee
To curtail an indiscriminate dump of tokens, all sell transactions on the 1Doge network are capped at 0.05% of total supply for every 4hours. Furthermore, an extra 4% charge is applied to all sell transactions, this helps to break whales control. The use of this 4% is explained in the next feature.

5. Auto & Weekly Burns
We will burn 6.8% of the total supply at launch and send it to the dead wallet, there’s also a 4% extra tax on all sell transactions, which would be used to buy back and burn tokens weekly, since the dead wallet is also a holder(holds 6.8% of 1Doge), it gets proportional redistribution rewards. But since no one has access to the wallet, the 1Doge tokens are retired from circulation (burned). The burn happens on every transaction and accelerates as the dead wallet gets bigger ….. forever!

6. Secured by Design
Initial liquidity provided would be locked in unicrypt for 6 months and the contract will undergo audits. The results of audit would be published to the community.

Breakdown of Tax System
4% Tax on all transactions ( Buy/sell/transfer) — 2% is redistributed to holders , 2% adds to liquidity.
4% extra Tax on sell transactions: used to burn tokens and burn weekly.

Charity Wallet
The team made an inclusion for charity in the tokenomics , a wallet will be designated for charity, this wallet also receives redistribution of 1Doge tokens. The proceeds would be used to support our charity partners.

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1Doge Finance

1Doge is on a mission to take the Doge clan to $1. It’s a hyper deflationary token with an automatic buy back & burn mechanism. With static rewards for holders.