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2 min readSep 16, 2021

To commence the 1Doge chest opening event, We’ll be sending 1DOGE test tokens to persons who filled the form , link to the form here .

To get started , make sure you’re connected to the Smartchain Test Net network.

  • If you haven’t connected to the Smartchain TestNet before , here is how to configure your Metamask wallets for Smartchain Testnet and Main net: click here
  • You’ll also be needing BNB faucets for transactions, to get BNB faucets for test click here .
  • Add the 1Doge TestNet contract : 0x4A8D2D2ee71c65bC837997e79a45ee9bbd360d45
  • Check that you have received the 1Doge Test tokens. (For those that filled the form)
  • Proceed to link(To be updated in the group ) and buy the 1DogeChest

After you have approved transaction and bought the chest,
You will be able to see your Doge NFT on the testnet
This is because we are dealing on the testnet so you’ll be able to see your Doges NFTs when you scan your wallets on the test net.

You can head to bscscan testnet scan your address after completing the steps mentioned.

Happy Chest Opening!!!



1Doge Finance

1Doge is on a mission to take the Doge clan to $1. It’s a hyper deflationary token with an automatic buy back & burn mechanism. With static rewards for holders.