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2 min readOct 4, 2021

The wait is almost over , 6 days to the launch of 1DOGELAND . Developments as well as Targeted Marketing are on-going.

The team has continuously updated the community with the development phase through the TestNet updates. If you’re yet to play the game on the testnet, please follow the our telegram announcements here.

We’ll like to update the community on some updates as well as features that will make the 1Dogeland highly marketable, functional as well as viable for all users .

1DOGELAND Features, what to expect ?

1. Easy play-to-earn: Playing & Earning on 1DogeLand is at easy as it comes, all you need is to purchase a Doge Chest — Get a random Doge and get started

2. AutoPlay Feature: The team came up with an innovative approach to include Autoplay mode for users who want to earn 1Doge tokens while they are not online/asleep. Your Doges keep fighting the monsters while you are away, thus, making your winnings accumulate. You can claim these tokens from your dashboard whenever you want . More details on the autoearn feature will be communicated with the community.

3. Referral Rewards : The team is happy to introduce the 1DogeLand Referral rewards , this is a huge step in making 1DogeLand go viral. Referees will be able get 10% of their Referral’s first Doge purchase. These functionality can be tested on the test net at the moment .

We are looking forward to a successful launch of 1DogeLand and we hope you enjoy playing as well as earning .



1Doge Finance

1Doge is on a mission to take the Doge clan to $1. It’s a hyper deflationary token with an automatic buy back & burn mechanism. With static rewards for holders.