1Doge Private Presale update

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2 min readJul 27, 2021

The 1Doge team has reached a decision for a private round that would be conducted in-house.

The essence of this fund raising round is to help build initial marketing hype and bring key influencers on board with the community.

Contributions will end as soon as we reach our set cap - 110BNB.

The Jot form will not be accessible after the private round.

Details of the Private presale event:

Start Time & Date: 1300 UTC 29th July, 2021

Hard Cap: 100 BNB

Minimum per person: 1 BNB

Maximum per person : 10BNB

Private sale price :1BNB = 500,000 1DOGE

Private sale tokens investors would be contacted on First-come-first-serve basis

PLEASE HAVE A WALLET READY WITH BNB/BUSD, and carefully read our rules


Here are the rules:

1. At the start of the Private sale period, we will message the first individuals who filled the Jot form, and proceed chronologically from there.

2. Admins will arrange the exchange with each investor individually.

3. At the time the private sale begins, failure to respond to our Telegram message within a 30 minute period will see your turn skipped to the next investor.

4. After responding to our message, failure to proceed with the exchange within a 30 minute period will see your turn skipped to the next investor

These rules are imposed for fairness and equality among all seeking investors

⚠️ Please, be careful. The admin who will contact you will use the Secret Key you wrote on Jot form you filled. Do not reply to any other Telegram account. We want to ensure privacy and security for all Private-Sale buyers.⚠️



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