1Doge Presale & Whitelisting Update

1Doge Finance
2 min readAug 9, 2021

1Doge is the First Doge Play To Earn NFT Gaming Platform to enable gamers from all over the world experience Gaming on the blockchain .
We are pleased to announce the start of the whitelisting campaign for the 1Doge presale.
To participate in the 1Dogewhitelist campaign click here.


Presale & Launch date : 1400 UTC 16th August, 2021

Presale Min : 0.2 BNB

Presale Max : 1BNB

1Doge Tokenomics: https://cutt.ly/YQYghfz

1Doge Whitepaper: https://cutt.ly/iQYTwDk

Top 10 referrals in the 1Doge Whitelist campaign would be given a slot in the upcoming presale.

Group Activity Rewards
In addition to the ongoing campaign, we’ll be rewarding the most active members of the Telegram community.

$100 will be used to reward the Top 10 users after every 3-day cycle.

To be among the Winners , endeavor to drop creative memes and messages in the group so you’ll be upvoted by other members

To increase a user’s karma points

Reply user message with
/+ reason


/+ @username — — To increase directly

To Decrease User’s Karma points

Reply user message with
/- reason


/- @username — To decrease directly

To see your karma points
Simply use /mykarma ,
to check top 5 users use /top5users.

Note: Every user has 100 Karma votes for 1 month. So use it wisely .



1Doge Finance

1Doge is on a mission to take the Doge clan to $1. It’s a hyper deflationary token with an automatic buy back & burn mechanism. With static rewards for holders.