1DogeLand Launch Updates

1Doge Finance
2 min readSep 1, 2021

The team is happy to announce that 1DogeLand is in its final stages of development and would be open for community testing from September 13th.

1DogeLand is set to revolutionize the Play-to-Earn ecosystem with a highly engaging & profitable gaming experience for blockchain enthusiasts all around the globe.

1DogeLand Partnerships

We are also proud to announce that the team has begun initial talks for a mega-partnership with a Top 20 project in the crypto space. This platform will be integrated with 1DogeLand to facilitate users in verifying the authenticity of their purchased Doges. An official announcement would be made once all terms are agreed.

Play to Earn Tokens

To provide transparency on the tokenomics, the play to earn tokens (which represents 42.8% of total supply, ~ 428,000,000 1DOGE) were locked for 1 month at the official launch August 16th. Kindly look at the first lock in the image for reference.

This means that the official launch of 1DogeLand is tied to the official release of the play-to-earn tokens by September 16th.

These tokens will judiciously mobilized strictly for play to earn activities. Sound Token economics are also put in place to limit inflation of 1Doge Tokens.

We are looking forward to a successful launch of 1DogeLand and wishing all gamers a profitable experience with your respective Doges.

Let’s go to Mars!



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